Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Christmas is Coming!

My apologies for the scarcity of posts on this blog of late. I'm currently snowed under drawing strips for the Christmas comics. ("Snowed under" - geddit? Oh yeah, you did. Okay...)

I'm just finishing the inks to a double-length Christmas Team Toxic story for Toxic No.130 (see the slap-up feed above) and then it'll be straight onto drawing the festive Super School strip for the Christmas Beano.

Then it'll be on with a non-festive Brickman, plus Mini-Marvels, then.... what's that you ask? What's Super School? Find out in tomorrow's bright new-look Beano (No.3454, dated October 18th) where the first episode appears of a brand new series!


Peter Gray said...

Great you have finally got a regular comic page in The Beano and a imagnative one....also like the idea of new characters joining...next year..

The first one just wets my appetite..can't wait for the action to begin...was it your idea...as you are a Marvel fan..superhero fan..

I like strips like Johnny Bean and now yours has it is different to what we have seen before..

Look forwar to seeing you in 2010 Beano annual :))

Lew Stringer said...

Thanks Peter. No, the idea was conceived by Alan Digby the editor. (He also writes the scripts.)

I won't be in the Beano Annual 2010 as those pages are already drawn well in advance. Hopefully the 2011 annual!

Dave said...

Nice one, Lew. Great to see a page in progress too. All the best with your future work.

Julius Kochan said...

I admire your artwork so so much what do u use to get such a good line with your pen?
Good luck with super school beano needs a strip like that.

Lew Stringer said...

Hi Julius, The first two Super School strips (drawn over a year ago) were inked with various nib-sized Faber-Castel and Rotring technical pens (something I've used for most of my career). More recently I've used dip-nibs, which take a while to master but give a more "traditional" line I think.

Xavier said...

nice work thats one of the best comic drawings i have ever seen. Julius told me about you and i'm glad he did.

julius kochan said...

Thank you so much really I read Toxic like every week I copy all your drawings theyre so good
Thanks again for the info it will be good to know.

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