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Monday, October 06, 2008

New UK Marvel Comic launches

A photo-report on the Birmingham Comic Show will appear on this blog soon but for now here's news from the event of a brand new British comic coming out later this week. Marvel Heroes launches on Thursday! Published by Panini, the full colour comic includes all new comic strip material. As I understand it the comic will feature two seven page stories per issue, plus features, in a format similar to Panini's Eagle Award winning Spectacular Spider-Man. The contents will highlight the Marvel heroes who have appeared in Marvel movies of recent years, such as Iron Man and The Hulk. A review of issue one will appear on this blog soon.

Panini have been using the title for the Marvel Heroes Annual for the past few years. The latest edition of which is on sale now. (Although unlike the new comic, the strip material in the annual are reprints from the Marvel Adventures line.)

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