Thursday, February 25, 2010

The latest Commando issues

Thanks once again to Calum Laird at D.C. Thomson for this information on the latest four issues of Commando. All of these comics are on sale now, or by subscription here:

Here's the info on the latest releases...

Commando 4271: AN INCH FROM DEATH

In the shadows of the old sawmill the two officers fought like tigers − a British Military Policeman and an SS war criminal locked in savage hand-to-hand struggle.
And now the ruthless Nazi had the edge, his hands closing round the Redcap’s throat, forcing him closer, closer still, to the buzzing, razor-sharp blade of the bench saw…

Story: Ian Clark Inside artwork: Ricardo Garijo Cover: Ian Kennedy

Originally No 2592 from 1992

Commando No 4272: THE SHADOW WAR

Sixteen-year-old Danny Webster hated being a miner. So, after a pit accident, he decided to do what many lads dream of doing — he joined the French Foreign Legion.
But life there wasn’t a bit like any of the films he’d seen and Danny found himself in Indo-China, fighting a shadow army above…and below…the ground!

Story: Mike Knowles Inside artwork: Denis McLoughlin Cover: Alan Burrows
Originally No 2585 from 1992


When Major Otto Schafer took command of a small village in Brittany, he had to show the locals that he meant business — by taking a large group of villagers hostage.
Sensing disaster, his new adjutant Klaus Mayer urged him to reconsider. Trying to persuade his new CO, Klaus loaned him a book telling the remarkable tale of a similar situation from the region’s turbulent past.
Otto was fascinated by this fantastic tale. And you will be too as you read…

Story: Ferg Handley Inside Artwork and cover: John Ridgway

Commando No 4274: Rifleman From Rio

When he joined the Brazilian Army to escape a deadly enemy in Rio De Janeiro, Luis Silveira didn’t expect to find himself fighting half a world away in Europe. But he did.
When he arrived in Europe with the rest of his unit, he didn’t expect to run across that same old enemy from Rio. But he did.
The bitter fight was on once more.

Story: Alan Hebden Inside artwork and cover: Mike White

Our first inside artwork from Mike White for quite some time but still up to his expected standard.

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Paul said...

There's no way in the world that the story inside "An Inch From Death!" could ever live up to that cover.

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