Friday, February 12, 2010

Return of the Underpants

Here's a quick preview of the new issue of Viz that will be in the shops any day now. This time I've written and drawn a Felix and his Amazing Underpants page for the comic, in which Felix uses his stretchable pants to benefit society once more. Being in possession of such remarkable undergarments are a big responsibility and Felix has owned that same pair man and boy for 30 years. Do not imitate him.

Beneath a fABBAulous Fat Slags cover by Simon "Thorpy" Thorp are a wonderment of satirical and sweary gems including Roger Mellie, Major Misunderstanding, The Bacons, Eight Ace, Mr.Logic, Billy The Fish and more or less more, plus exclusive articles on the suspects in the alleged murder of Jonathan Ross and the latest news on the Archbishop of Canterbury being mauled by a bear.

52 pages funny, Viz No.193 will cost you £3.20 (or £3.4s in real money) and you'll need to be over four foot tall to read it as it'll be on the top shelf. Even though you'll probably hear more bad language on the walk to the newsagent than you'd read in the comic.

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