Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Spring Preview: Classics from the Comics

Here's an advance look at the cover and contents list of the March issue of Classics from the Comics, the 68 page monthly reprint anthology from D.C. Thomson. My thanks to Garry Fraser at D.C. Thomson for the information.

The Springtime cover is a brand new illustration by Ken Harrison, and features the original Hungry Horace before he had his 1965 makeover in Sparky. This ties in with a selection of classic strips from 1957 inside the comic.

Recent issues of Classics from the Comics have seen the title expand from its selection of humour strips to venture into reprinting some adventure strips from the likes of Victor and Hornet. This issue is no exception, with the next part of The Truth About Wilson from Hornet of 1964. One of The Beano's light adventure strips is also featured in the form of General Jumbo.

Issue 168 of Classics from the Comics goes on sale March 25th, priced £2.00.
Here's the full list of contents:

4 Dennis the Menace
5 Harum Scarem
6 P.C. McGraw
8 Bully Beef and Chips
9 Pup Parade
10 General Jumbo
12 Ginger
13 Ali’s Baba
14 The Numskulls / Dicky Burd
15 Baby-face Finlayson
16 Clans of Scotland (Topper feature)
17 Wee Ben Nevis
18 Corporal Clott
20 Danny’s Tranny
21 The Banana Bunch
22 The Bash Street Kids
24 The Snobbs and the Slobbs
25 Mickey the Monkey
26 The Three Bears
27 Cuddles
28 General Jumbo (cont.)
30 Minnie the Minx
31 Monkey Bizness
32 Spotlight on…1957
33 Hungry Horace
34 Wuzzy Wiz
35 Roger the Dodger
36 Korky the Cat
37 The Bash Street Kids
38 Little Plum
39 Hy Jinks
40 Minnie the Minx
41 Biffo the Bear
42 Desperate Dan
44 Billy Whizz
45 Tiny
46 The Truth About Wilson
49 Izzy Skint
50 Dennis the Menace
52 Greedy Pigg
53 The Badd Lads
54 WIN! Classic audio books
55 Fingy
56 Wig and Wam
57 Bananaman
60 Little Plum
61 Spookum Skool
62 Puzzle Time!
63 Dreamy Daniel
64 Brassneck
66 Rasher
67 Fred the Flop
68 Korky the Cat

If you have difficulty finding the comic in your area you can subscribe to it here:


Peter Gray said...

Feb 25th 2010..:) Not March..
I'm very excited to see a feature on 1957..and General Jumbo..

so we just have to wait a week..

Lew Stringer said...

March 25th was the info supplied by DC Thomson. This is for issue 168. Are you saying No.167 came out in January?

Peter Gray said...

You were right...167 comes out next week..with a Classic artist Barrie Appeby looked at..

Anonymous said...

Hi Lew

I was born in 1957, so I'll look out for this issue.

I wouldn't have noticed it otherwise, so thanks.

David Simpson

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