Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Commando - latest

Another four issues of D.C. Thomson's Commando are in the shops today. Here's editor Calum Laird to tell us more...

Commando 4287: GUIDED MISSILE

Over the Austrian mountains in 1944, a German Dornier 217K bomber launched a strange, rocket-like craft, which performed a high-flying dance of death with an RAF Lancaster. And no matter how the Lanc jinked and turned, the rocket kept closing, until it finally destroyed its prey.
Despite the markings, these planes were both German-made and only models, but the secret rocket was one which could change the whole course of the war…if the Nazis were allowed to perfect the real thing!

Story: Bernard Gregg
Inside art: Vila
Cover art: Ian Kennedy

Commando 4288: BOMBS ON TARGET!

Dropping bombs accurately wasn’t easy. Often they fell wide and wrecked innocent targets…like the night death rained down on a small English country town because a Nazi pilot lost his nerve.
The response of the survivors was to help pay for a bomber to strike back. This is the story of that one Lancaster and its remarkable record…

Story: Cyril Walker
Inside art: Ian Kennedy
Cover art: Ian Kennedy

This is number four of the five books of Ian Kennedy’s inside artwork. The three previous re-issues resulted in calls for the other two to be pulled from the vaults. Number five is available on the website as an exclusive web comic at

Commando No 4289: FLY INTO FEAR!

Sergeant Tom Sellers longed to fly, eagerly joining the RAF during the Second World War. Training didn’t go well, though — he was nervous when night-flying, failed vital coursework and didn’t make the grade. Disappointed, he accepted his lot and re-trained as an RAF mechanic, posted out East.
There, Tom found himself caught up in a major behind-the-lines operation with the Chindits in Burma.
Then he ended up back in the air, doing vital reconnaissance work. Would his old anxieties come back? Would he FLY INTO FEAR

Story: Ferg Handley
Inside art: Morahin
Cover art: Ian Kennedy

Commando 4290: War Of The Wagtail

Wagtail. It doesn’t sound very warlike, does it?
But, in the hands of a British desert strike force, a Wagtail recce kite would become a very warlike flyer indeed.

Story: Alan Hebden
Inside art: Benet
Cover art: Benet

Calum also provided a teaser for next month's issues: "Next month we celebrate VE-Day 65 by running four new War’s End stories plus a re-issue of the seven-part series commissioned for VE-day 50 which many readers won’t be old enough to have seen."

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