Thursday, November 18, 2010

Monty and Hitler in Commando Team-Up action!

Ok, the above headline isn't strictly true, and the synopsis tells us that all is not as it seems, but I couldn't resist leading this item with that great Carlos Pino cover.

Just back from my blog break for a quick post, then back to the front, er, I mean the drawing board. Here's the latest intelligence report from Commando HQ from Editor Calum Laird...

Commando 4343: KILLER SHARK

Hitler’s U-boats were the killer sharks of the Second World War, roaming the oceans of the world, terrorising the shipping lanes. Gerhard Hagen, a Nazi to the core, was one of the most ruthless skippers of those hunter submarines.
But even a killer shark will eventually meet its match, and time was running out for Hagen…

Story: K. P. Mackenzie
Art: Peter Foster
Cover: Ian Kennedy
Originally No 2722 from 1993

Commando 4344: ACTION TEAM

Wangling a place in a special Combined Action Group, working with Vietnamese villagers, Marine Wayne Norris was sure he’d be a lot safer now than with the regular troops in the front line.
But he was about to learn the hard way that the CAG wasn’t called an ACTION team for nothing — especially when there seemed to be a traitor in their midst, sabotaging their every move!

Story: Ian Clark
Art: Denis McLoughlin
Cover: Alan Burrows
Originally No 2655 from 1993

Commando 4345: Operation “Ice-Breaker”

The Arctic ice cap — freezing, windswept and inhospitable. In the period when East and West faced each other in a tense nuclear stand-off, many things were concealed on and below its wasted landscape. From submarines to top-secret bases, the cloaking ice covered all.
But nothing was as monstrous as the weapon created by a team of ruthless scientists working for the Soviets and led by the mysterious “Chief Technician.”

Story: Sean Blair
Art: Vila
Cover: Janek Matysiak

Commando 4346: Seeing Double

So, how did the epitome of evil, German Fuhrer Adolf Hitler, join forces with a sworn enemy — Britain’s most famous military leader, General Bernard Montgomery — and unwittingly become involved in a madcap, hair-raising adventure in the North African desert?
As you might have guessed, things aren’t quite as they seem. In fact, you may well be... SEEING DOUBLE

Story: Mac Macdonald
Art: Carlos Pino
Cover: Carlos Pino

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