Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Prat's Back!

Yes, Postman Prat returns to The Dandy this week for a second series! His misadventures begin in the issue out tomorrow (Wednesday 27th July) which is also a 44 page bumper edition with a cover-mounted gift. This special big issue of The Dandy will be £2.50. Remember, - it's 100% funny!



Manic Man said...

Sadly, there isn't enough in the dandy these days to keep me buying with any regular basics, but it's always good to see you in work ^_^

What i was going to say about is the Dandy seams to be having ALOT of cover gifts.. Partly makes me wonder because i though alot of newsagents hated cover gifts and i was always in too minds about them cause most of the time, they are just ways to get new people to buy the comic more then reward regulars.. Any thoughts on the matter? ^_^;

Lew Stringer said...

This is only the 8th Dandy this year with a cover mount, which isn't too bad for a weekly over seven months. (Most comics have gift issues every issue.)

Yes, the idea is definitely to attract new readers. The bumper issues tie in with school holidays. No rewards for regulars? Well, the gift issues usually have more pages, so that's pretty good.

The only thing I'm not keen on is the larger cover size for those issues, but the idea is that they'll peek over the tops of the rival comics on the crowded shelves. In which case it might be useful if every page was in the taller format (not just the covers) but I'm not sure if that'd be feasible.

Tony Howson said...

I quite like the oversize covers and the fact that those issues inevitably get more mangled than the regular editions when my wife transports them home. Reminds me that comics are for reading not collecting.

Anyway, what's the gift this time? I was a bit put off by the lack of violence in the guns from the spring but last week's snake in a can was the most fun I've had this year. Cracking up now just thinking about it.

Lew Stringer said...

The main gift is a pair of squirting glasses (!), then there's a chewy bar, and, quite controversially, the extra 12 pages are listed as a gift.

Bring back the Thunder-Bangs I say! :-)

David said...

My kids are avid readers of The Dandy since it's relaunch. Not everything in it is to my personal taste, but my kids love all the strips. It's spot on in its appeal to the younger generation.
Postman Pat is a firm favourite and my eldest actually shouted "Yes!" and punched the air then I told him Pat's back!"

Finding The Dandy has become near impossible. Only WH Smiths and one Co-op seem to stock it. A few other supermarkets tried it for a while, but stopped. They only seem to stock the comics with the higher prices and the permanent 'free' gifts with every issue.

My kids are rarely bothered with the free gifts. Most never even get played with (thought the sweets are always eaten!)

They also both hate the 'taller issues' as they don't bit in their Dandy box properly

Lew Stringer said...

I've noticed the reduction in numbers of The Dandy around my area too. My corner shop used to stock four, and I bought two. Now it only has one. My locals Smiths had 20 or so of the relaunch issue, now they only have two.

Some independent shops seem to be at the mercy of their distributors, according to my local newsagent. Distributors tell THEM how many they can have, despite what they order.

Distribution now seems as bad as it was before the relaunch, in my experience anyway. British comics aren't perfect but the retail/distribution side of things really needs investigating by publishers in my opinion.

I'm pleased to hear your kids like Postman Prat. I've just sent another one off last night which will appear in about 7 issues time so we're a couple of months ahead at present.

Barry said...

Great news that Prat's back.

On the distribution thing ALL newsagents will get you The Dandy, if you ask them and they'll even keep it aside for you so you never miss an issue. I get all my newstand comics like this, it's so easy.

Fanton said...

We're quite lucky here in Portsmouth, there's loads of places that stock The Dandy around here! Both our WHSmiths do, Asda always have a bunch, Tesco, Waitrose and even the little shop around the corner from my street! Today I popped into another little shop after popping into town, and BAM! More Dandy's for sale there, too! WE'RE UP TO OUR NECKS IN DANDYS! :D

Anonymous said...

Very long-running distribution problems here in Wimbledon, even since the relaunch issue. I second Barry's advice - I now do exactly that with both the Dandy and the Beano, and I've never had problems since. Can't believe I didn't do it before!

Incidentally, this particular newsagent didn't get the Dandy before, so it really is just a matter of asking. (It probably doesn't work on WHSmiths though.)

Lew Stringer said...

Smiths will reserve a comic for you, - at a price. A few years ago it cost £5 to set up a standing order "because some people don't come back to pick up their magazines". It's probably more now.

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