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Saturday, November 01, 2014

Today's extra Beano

Just a quick reminder that today's Daily Mirror contains a free 32 page Beano, and they certainly aren't shy of announcing that, as shown by the cover above. (A shame they chose to run with a header about perverts immediately beneath it though but you can't predict what'll hit the headlines on the day of a promotion.) 

The free comic contains all new material and is packed with strips by Nigel Parkinson, Laura Howell, and more. None of my strips are in there unfortunately but one of the numerous Joe King vignettes I supplied is used throughout the comic.

The comic also features a cut-out coupon to save readers £1 on the next issue (which goes on sale on Wednesday). 

Daily Mirror No.15,171. On sale now. 80p


TwoHeadedBoy said...

The same one was also given away in today's Liverpool Echo (printed by the Mirror Group). We had a big pile of extra Beanos as well, for some reason.

Lew Stringer said...

Yes, I understand it was in a few various regional papers. All good stuff, as these promos do help boost the readership. Which proves that if kids actually get to see the comic then some of them will buy it. Sadly my three closest newsagents still won't stock it, but it's good to hear that some shops (such as yours) have an increased stock.

TwoHeadedBoy said...

They stopped sending us the regular Beano some time ago, and no-one's been asking for it, but we were giving away the freebies today to people that we know have kids, so HOPEFULLY it'll stir some interest (and stop them bugging us for Match Attax cards!).

OxfordDickie said...

It's certainly good to be able to get one of these freebies, i always miss out on the 'Sunday Posts' offerings.

One thing i find interesting is that one of the Dennis & Gnasher stories continues in next weeks issue, which sort of makes this issue an essential 'must have' to keep the collection complete.

Allthought it's not numbered i guess this issue can be considered as issue 3758.5

Lew Stringer said...

That's good to hear, Ryan. Sorry, I thought you meant they sent you extra copies of the weekly. It's good to know you're helping to promote it with the freebies. I wonder if any of the kids will place an order, or whether that's an alien concept to them now?

Good point about the continuity, OD. It'll probably be a talking point for collectors in the future if they don't know about the Mirror edition.

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