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Saturday, September 26, 2015

New comics coming in October

No less than three new comic titles will be launching in UK newsagents next month. Wednesday 14th October will bring us the first issue of D.C. Thomson's long awaited Thunderbirds Are Go magazine, which promises to feature "comic adventures" amongst its content. As the mag will solely be focused on the new series, not the classic, the strips will presumably be all new by British creators. John Freeman has more details of the mag over on his Down the Tubes blog: the official Thunderbirds Are Go magazine's website is here:

Titan Comics will also be launching two new titles. Thursday 15th October sees the publication of The Flash No.1, so it sounds like the Flash Special that was published earlier this year must have been a hit.

Then, on Thursday 29th October, Green Arrow No.1 hits the shelves, also from Titan. Both Flash and Green Arrow will feature American reprint from DC Comics. I'm not sure of the format yet but hopefully they'll be in the same 76 page format as Titan's Batman comics.  

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