Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Lenny the Lettuce returns!

Mighty Marc Jackson has launched a Patreon page with all kinds of goodies. Here's the info from the man himself... 

"I’ve just launched a Patreon page, where I’m offering subscribers the chance to check out comics from my ‘vault’ such as Dawgtective (from last year’s Beano run) Cosmic Cliff, Betty Spaghetti, Duckless previews from Aces Weekly, KA-PUNCH! from Comic Heroes Magazine and all-new comics like Susie Prunes and RO-BERT, all for just $1 a month!

I have slightly higher subscription amounts of $2 per month, which get you all of the above plus 2 pages a week of my latest self-published comic BIONIC BATTLE RABBIT!

For $5 a month you get all that PLUS a brand new LENNY THE LETTUCE comic too! Lenny appeared in the BEANO two years ago and I’ve slightly reworked his look and fleshed out more of a world for him to live in too. The story will be heavily influenced by cartoons like Ren and Stimpy and SpongeBob, good all-ages, goofy comics for everyone!

Finally for $15 a month you get everything plus a comic posted out to you every month, starting with BIONIC BATTLE RABBIT, then the collected Lenny the Lettuce story and so on!

This is a great way to help fund my self-published comics output and receive comics every month!"

Here’s the link

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