Monday, June 20, 2016

Out this Saturday: LENNY THE LETTUCE!

Lenny the Lettuce was a mini-strip in The Beano two years ago and this Saturday he stars in his own comic!

The character is the creation of Marc Jackson who has the permission of Beano publishers D.C. Thomson to feature Lenny in his own 24 page full colour comic. Ha! It's Lenny the Lettuce will make its debut at the Macc-Pow! comics convention of Saturday 25th June in Macclesfield, as part of the Barnaby Festival. 

The comic features a fun, self-contained story for all ages, with a day in the life of Lenny the Lettuce. Here's a preview of the first few pages...

After that, anything can happen! Want to see more? Come along to Macc-Pow! on Saturday to buy your copy of the comic. I'll be there too, along with writer Leah Moore, comics creators Paul Grist and Emma Chinnery, and more guests. For more info see here:

For more info on Marc and his comics:

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