Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Ron Turner's SPACE ACE Vol.6

John Lawrence has just published Ron Turner's Space Ace No.6 (or Vol.6 as they prefer) and it's another superb edition. The comic's 40 luxuriously printed pages feature the final Space Ace serial from 1956, but don't worry; there are more shorter stories to be collected. The Collectors from Space runs to 24 pages and although its premise of aliens collecting artifacts from Earth isn't new (and probably wasn't even new 60 years ago) it's told in an engaging and exciting way.

It's the artwork that is the main attraction of course, and it's easy to see why Ron Turner's work is still so highly regarded. He was certainly one of the best science fiction artists in the industry. The strips originally appeared in black and white but for these modern collections they've been painstakingly colourised by John Ridgway. Some purists may prefer Ron's superb original version but John does a stunning job on the colours. 

There's also a back up story, The Lens, which runs to 8 pages. Like the lead strip, it's an exciting page turner and the Ron Turner/John Ridgway collaboration works well. 

There's also background information on the strip thanks to part of an old interview with Turner, and a great feature on the "lost story"; part one of what would have been another serial but which was abandoned when Ron Turner realised he could no longer reliably commit to producing serials. 

Last but not least there's a two page letters section. (It's always good to see responses from readers printed in the comics themselves.)

So, if you're interested in the work of one of the UK's best artists, don't miss out on ordering a copy of Space Ace today!

Ron Turner’s Space Ace Volume 6 costs £8.95 (UK) or £12 (Europe) and £14.00 (other overseas) including postage and is available via PayPal at spaceace.54@virginmedia or by cheque  made payable to John Lawrence at 39 Carterweys, Dunstable Bedfordshire LU5 4RB

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