Friday, July 22, 2016

Cons to come

I've attended nine conventions this year so far and I'm still only 3/4 of the way through the 'road trip'. Next up is the London Film and Comic Con, a three-day media event from Friday 29th to Sunday 31st July inclusive, at Olympia. There's a great line up of guests from comics, film, TV, and more and you can find out all the details at their website here:

Just a week later, on Saturday 6th August, I'll be in Bristol for the return of the much-missed Bristol Comic Expo. A one-day event back under the organizational skills of mighty Mike Allwood. More info here:

Then, on Saturday 10th September, it's over to Birmingham in time for the wonderful International Comic Expo (ICE 2016). You can find out all about it here:

I hope to see you at one, if not all, of those shows! I'll be there with comics and prints, and doing sketches. At present I have no events planned after September, but you never know! I'm always open to invites if I'm available!

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