Sunday, August 07, 2016

A good day at Bristol Comic Expo

It was always going to be a gamble to revive the Bristol Comic Expo after an absence of a year or two, but yesterday's event seems to have been a success. Back when the Bristol expo was in its heyday there were very few other comic conventions. These days there are several every weekend! Yesterday saw at least four shows; Bristol, Preston, Dublin, and the Summer of Sonic. Nevertheless, a good number of people turned up for the Bristol event, with a steady stream of attendees. 

Personally, I found it to be very successful. My thanks to everyone who stopped by for a sketch, a comic, a book, or a print. It was also good to catch up with Alan Davis, who I hadn't seen for several years, along with Graham Bleathman, Paul Grist, Steve Tanner, Shane Chebsey, Paul H. Birch, Ron Tiner, Ian Sharman, and more.

My apologies for only taking one photo, but I was busy most of the day.

Last but never least, thanks to Mike Allwood for bringing back the Bristol Comic Expo. Long may it continue!


My next convention will be ICE, the International Comic Expo in Birmingham on September 10th. So far, I've no other events scheduled after this but I'm always open to offers!

To find out more about ICE visit their website here:

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