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Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Extra-special BEANO this week!

This week's Beano is an unmissable issue for kids on their school holidays and comic fans of all ages. It comes packaged in a card envelope which reveals one of the great gifts - the Flying Dennis Disc, a perfect frisbee for the park or beach. 

I know some people hate 'bagged' comics, but what if the packaging itself was a gift? On the back of the card envelope are cut out and keep Beano Buddies, - similar to the classic stand-up footballers that D.C. Thomson used to give away with their comics waaayy back in the 1960s.

That's not all. Inside the envelope there's a packet of Dennis Drenchers water balloons, ideal for all Menaces. 

The comic itself is an excellent issue. There's all the favourites such as Dennis and Gnasher, The Numskulls, Bananaman, Minnie the Minx and more...
Art by Nigel Parkinson.

...and a dog-themed Star Wars spoof I did for this week's Pup Parade...
Story/art by Lew Stringer.

This week's Bash Street Kids story is unusual in that it's only one page, but it leads directly into a board game in the centre pages called Escape from Bash Street

All in all, this is an exceptional issue and a must-have for Beano collectors. It's on sale in newsagents and supermarkets across the UK now for £3.50.

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