Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Another great BEANO package this week

Cover by Nigel Parkinson.

Unlike most other UK kids' comics, The Beano rarely comes bagged with gifts, but when it does it delivers on the quality. This week's edition includes a 24 page Beano Colouring Book featuring 23 of Nigel Parkinson's covers in black and white, plus a set of exclusive coloured pencils, each featuring a Beano character design. 

There's also a Danger Mouse Activity Minimag, featuring new strips and puzzles. Admittedly this serves a purpose to promote the new comic but it's a nice collectable item in its own right. 

Oh, and there's a little set of Lego Star Wars stickers too.

As for The Beano itself, it's another jam-packed issue (doesn't actually include jam) with all the favourites. The comic is really at a high again these days. Here's a few preview snaps...
Art by Barrie Appleby.

Art by Nigel Parkinson.

Art by Wayne Thompson.

Art by Lew Stringer. (Hey, that's me!)

The Beano No.3848, out now, £3.50.


Andrew Worrall said...

Good review, Lew.

I subscribe so of course I don't have the gifts - I'm not complaining, though, I will give them the fact that the gifts are much better than other publications available (Let's face it, activity books surely pass the time more than a plastic frog!)

Just out of curiosity, how long is the Danger Mouse Activity Magazine? That's actually one of the gifts in Epic next week on the issue of which my subscription starts, so the one gift I'd like most of all from that selection I will still get.

Oh, and are you able to drop any spoilers on the strip you said on Twitter you're working on to relate with another Beano story?

Thanks! :)

Lew Stringer said...

Thanks for commenting, Anthony. The Danger Mouse freebie is like a poster magazine; A2 folded into A4. It has two pages of comic strips and then it folds out to have puzzles across the centre.

I can't say any more about that strip just yet unfortunately.

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