Thursday, November 09, 2017

Andy's back in the bookshops

Photo from Lawrence Goldsmith.
Just another quick plug for the new Andy Capp book that I mentioned months ago. It's now been published and is in bookshops. This is the 60th anniversary year for the Daily Mirror's work-shy character so it's good to see him back in a book of his own. 

Andy Capp: 60 Years of Thinking About the Big Issues is a collection of contemporary strips by Roger Mahoney, Lawrence Goldsmith, and Sean Garnett, and you can order a copy online now.

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Manic Man said...

never a big fan of Andy Capp but through it was okay. I was going to say its odd that a "celebration" of 60 years just focuses on modern era, but that's pretty common ^_^ Hope it does okay though. I keep saying to people when I go through old newspapers, they are moaning that today they are a collapsing media, but instead of returning to past greats like comic strips, children's pages, serial book/story prints and in-depth articles, they just want to rush to the quickest scoop without fact checking and saying sorry in small print the next day.. sigh..

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