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Tuesday, May 14, 2019

COMIC SCENE No.4 - Coming soon!

There's a new issue of Comic Scene published on 23rd May and you can see a list of the contents here:

This time, I've written a feature about the great Roy Wilson, one of the most influential artists in British humour comics. The article runs across four pages and features samples of his strips and art at a nice readable size. I think it's important to keep the names of such artistic giants alive, not only for nostalgists but for modern readers who may never have heard of them. 

As you can see (if you clicked the link) there's a good variety of other features in the mag too, including articles on M.A.C.H. 1, Batman in the 1960s, Draculass, indie comics and much more!

Comic Scene should be available from WH Smith and various comic shops... but I know how some people are finding it difficult to find it. (My local Smiths has dropped it, despite it selling, and won't order it in. I've heard similar stories from others too.) 

In theory, shops should be willing to order Comic Scene for you, but if they refuse, how can you get it? The best option is to subscribe directly from the publisher... and you can get back issues from them too. Here's the link:

Comic Scene is the only print magazine that is dedicated to supporting and promoting British comics, so please stick by it and... buy it! 


James Spiring said...

Why would WHSmith stop stocking something that sells? That doesn't make sense.

Incidentally, it appears that Titan axing the DC titles led to WHSmith delisting the rest of their collectors edition format comics: Doctor Who Comic, Simpsons Comics, Rick and Morty and Adventure Time. Extremely annoying since I was regularly buying the first two.

Lew Stringer said...

I don't understand it either, James, but we know from experience that Smiths decisions can be illogical.

Robert Carnegie said...

I found the remaining Titan titles on sale in McColl's grocers south east of Glasgow. I don't know if they had them before but maybe they had to go somewhere...? least the issues already printed... More details:
(I didn't see "Adventure Time" yet)
So I could help out...

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