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Wednesday, September 11, 2019

ROY OF THE ROVERS 65th Anniversary Special - out now

Rebellion have taken the unusual step of releasing their latest special in two formats. You can buy the Roy of the Rovers 65th Anniversary Special either as a luxurious hardback book for £19.99, or as a "floppy" comic for £9.99. Both have the same 128 pages of content, with slight differences to the cover text. 

I reviewed the hardback edition a few weeks ago and you can read my thoughts on it here:

I bought the "floppy" version from WH Smiths today. It was displayed alongside the football mags which, presumably, is where it's intended to be rather than with the children's comics or in the 2000AD/older readers section. Not being a great football fan, I'm happy enough with the comic-format edition, but faithful fans of Roy of the Rovers might prefer the hardback edition as a proper collectors' item.

This is a very nice publication, recounting the history of the character and including features and/or interviews on the artists and writers, plus a few selected strips representing the changes over the decades. It mostly focuses on "classic" Roy of course, but it rightly brings us up to date by including the rebooted modern version too. 

Rebellion have really done us proud with the specials they've produced this year... and it's not over yet! Look out for The Thirteenth Floor special next month!

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