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Saturday, October 19, 2019

The Sheerglam Conspiracy

I still haven't got around to reading this book but I thought it's high time I gave it a plug for the benefit of anyone out there who hasn't heard of it yet. 

The Sheerglam Conspiracy is a new novel by Steve MacManus, who you probably know as the editor of 2000AD in its glory days (1979 to 1987) as well as working on Battle Picture Weekly, Action, and Valiant, and launching notable titles Crisis, Revolver, and Judge Dredd Magazine. With his new book, Steve parodies the British comics industry of the 1970s and the fierce rivalry between Goodenough Publications and Tartan Editions. No prizes for guessing who they're a thinly disguised satire of. 

In The Sheerglam Conspiracy, a shock suicide sparks off a bitter circulation war, with each company plotting the downfall of the other. It's a story that's bound to interest and amuse any of us who are interested in the background of British comics, and those of us who have worked in the industry. 

Now you may think it sounds a bit similar to Pat Mills' Read 'Em and Weep books but I'm sure Steve takes it into a fresh direction. It's just the setting that is the same, but if the book industry can tolerate numerous stories set in the world of CSI I'm sure it can withstand two thrillers set in comics publishing. 

The Sheerglam Conspiracy is available to buy Print On Demand from Amazon at this link:

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