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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Richard Elson Interviewed

My old pal and fellow comic artist Richard Elson is interviewed over at Sonic the Comic Online. Back in the 1990s I had an enjoyable time as one of the writers on Fleetway's Sonic the Comic and whenever I wrote a script for Richard he never failed to turn in an excellent job. STC (as it became known) had a loyal and vocal fan following and when the comic was canceled some of them decided to continue it with their own online version.

In recent years Richard Elson has been a contributor to both The Beano and 2000AD, proving what a versatile artist he is. You can read the interview with him by following this link.


Tim Perkins said...

Wow Lew,

Thanks for that...

Excellent interview from a brilliant artist.

I'll have to email Richard to let him know what a great interview it is.


Anonymous said...

I remember all them years ago when i was about four/five when i received a issue of Sonic The Comic and the only thing that stands out in my mind from that one issue, was that it was near halloween and that Shinobi had a strip.

As the years got on, i began collecting them on a regular basis, i even remember making sure my mum picked up the copy where Knuckles encountered his own metallix while i was away on holiday.

And only today after much research i found out STC the comic i collected with a passion had cancelled in 2002, i remember everything from certain strips to speedlines to the reviews, heck even to MegaDroid.

Now looking back on them days at 20 years of age, i want to thank all the writers and artists for making one of the all time legends that is Sonic The Comic.

Anonymous said...

Just FYI, the address of the interview has changed to

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