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Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas! It's Combat Colin!

The Flashback series concludes after Christmas with a visit to 1937 but for now let's catapult through the Comics Time Vortex to Christmas 1989 and this old Combat Colin strip of mine from Marvel UK's The Transformers No.250. Merry Christmas Readers!


Peter Gray said...

Its the first time I've read Combat Colin.....very kind of humour...liked the line no humans to the the Transformer party...and the medalian joke..:)

can you do a feature on Combat Colin and your time at Transformer to see more...

Happy New Year...and a great year of comic bits and pieces to reread on your blog...well done Lew

boo909 said...

That was cool, why they didn't ask you to do Death of Captain America I'll never know. Love your Thor too.

Happy Christmas, thanks for all the funnies.


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