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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Christmas Comic Covers - Part 3

I wasn't intending to do these blogs on a daily basis but as these covers don't take long to scan in, here's the third selection, starting off with a striking cover to Krazy for Christmas 1976. As the title suggests, Krazy was a bit more off the wall than the other IPC humour comics, but sadly its humour perhaps went over the heads of the majority of kids as the comic only lasted a couple of years. Cover artist Mike Lacey has signed this piece, which he must have been particularly pleased with as he rarely signed his other work.

Next, the cover to the very first Christmas issue of Whizzer and Chips, from December 1969. Artwork is again by Mike Lacey. As IPC rarely featured numbers on their comics you'll notice I wrote it on in felt tip!

The cover to Tiger and Jag, also from 1969, is a nice colour piece by John Vernon. Again, I've added the issue number. In this case it was the 40th merged issue of the two comic titles.

The Christmas Beezer from 1988 is a clearly composed cover by Robert Nixon, one of the finest artists of British humour comics.

The Christmas issue of Puck from 1931 is shot from a facsimile edition published several years ago. Not sure who the artist is but the attention to detail draws the reader into its world.

1971 brought us the first Christmas issue of Look-In. The wraparound cover painting is by Arnaldo Putzu featuring several top tv stars of the day including Leslie Crowther, Ed (Stewpot) Stuart, Ayshea Brough, and the cast of popular sitcoms Please Sir and On the Buses.

The cover to the bumper 48 page Buster of Christmas 1993 is a great piece by Jimmy Hansen.

Even more Christmas covers soon!


Anonymous said...

Excellent stuff!
Are we getting one a day until Dec 24th? ;¬)

Andrew Glazebrook said...

I used to buy all of those, though never heard of Puck !?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for these Lew, they are bringing back some happy memories.

Keep 'em coming!

Anonymous said...

Not surprising you can't remember Puck, it ended in 1940!!

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