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Friday, October 09, 2009

Dave Gibbons interviewed

Here's a blast from the past I dug out recently: an early Dave Gibbons illustration for Nick Landau's 1974 fanzine Comic Media No.11. Although Dave's work would soon become more polished, it's still a very striking image. Interestingly, inside the mag, Nick's editorial mentions that Dave was moving onto professional work so effectively this was his last work purely as a fan. (And this issue was the first fanzine I ever bought, - ordered via an ad in the Marvel UK weeklies.)

Speaking of the talented Mr.Gibbons leads me onto the main news item of this post which is that a long and fascinating interview with Dave about his many accomplishments (including his early days) can now be read online at:

and part 2 at:

The interview was conducted with smoky man and Antonio Solinas for an Italian book published in 2008 and covers Dave's entire career to date.

Before I go, here's another rare piece from that same 1974 issue of Comic Media, - a humourous ad by Dave for Martin's Bookshop. A quick Google search found the address is now a Ben Pentreath Boutique. How times change...

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Not Budgie, no definitely not. Of course not. said...

It's not the real Dave Gibbons. He doesn't mention HYPOTHETICALS at all!

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