Saturday, April 03, 2010

The Doctor is in... Toxic!

It's Saturday night, you've just watched the new Doctor Who series and now you can read the parody, Toxic style in the latest issue of Egmont's popular boy's magazine.

Toxic No.159, out now, is the bumper Easter issue featuring 40 pages of features and comic strip plus five free gifts including a Team Toxic comic and a catapult for people who claim comics never feature catapults now.

More on the free comic in a moment. The main magazine includes more pages of comic strip this issue, with two Robin Hoodie adventures drawn by Laura Howell, a Rex strip by John Short and Alex Paterson, and a double-length Team Toxic strip by me.

The Team Toxic strip sees Doc Shock decide to build his own TARDIS, - on this case, a T.A.R.B.I.S. (Tatty And Rubbish Box In Space). He also dons an 11th Doctor outfit; tweed jacket and bowtie, and he and the Team set off for an adventure in time and space. Sort of.

As you'll see from the page shown at the top of this post I've used a combination of line art and CGI for the strip. Does it work? Answers on a postcard please. Or you can just leave a comment below.

The free Team Toxic Classic Comic Collection that comes with this issue is a 16 page mini-comic featuring some of the very earliest Team Toxic strips when Jon Rushby was drawing it. Nice to see it all collected like this.

Toxic No.159 is £2.99 and is on sale from newsagents and supermarkets etc from 24th March to 13th April.


sentinel4 said...

Lew instead of using this website for self promotion don't you think it would be nice if you followed the lead of your fellow bloggers and reoported an obituary for Dick Giordano? I've asked you this once and you ignored me. Come on, don't let xenophobia stop you covereing DC Comics.

Lew Stringer said...

Much as I regret the passing of Dick Giordano, his death has been extensively covered on other blogs and Blimey isn't really a news site. I will feature a small tribute here soon but I certainly won't be bullied into it by you.

Anonymous said...

I'm never a fan of the over use of CGI. I can watch CGI films and stuff but when its used in animation (with the acception of futurama perhaps) it stands out by a mile (cgi cars are a massive pet peeve for me) but in this comic strip I think its supposed to stand out a mile isnt it? It is supposed to be an alien world and something out of the ordinary? In that case it works very well - but dont make Felix's underpants or Syds noose in CGI anytime soon please!!!

Lew Stringer said...

Yes there is a reason why the CGI in this story stands out. It's not what it appears, - but you'll have to buy the comic to find out why. :)

KlownKrusty said...


I like the CGI panel work as a rare dip into something different - reminds me of the Jack Kirby space sequences that would sometimes baffle and fascinate me as a young comic fan reading early Marvel comics.

As for Sentinel4's comment (above) - without getting into a flame war or similar, that's really not called for. Your blog has always been almost exclusively devoted to UK content and is always well researched - even when you use it to promote a title you contribute to (and why shouldn't you!). It is in no way disrespectful that you have not immediately devoted an entry to the work of Dick Giordano. Indeed, I find it rather shallow to think Giordano should be covered here simply because he worked in "comics" as though it's one great, homogenous art form.

I am a huge fan of Giordano's work. Despite my residence (UK), I've always been much more a US comic reader than a UK one, and I'm even writing for DC Comics just now. You have made no oversight at all in not devoting space to an announcement, tribute or anything else to Mr Giordano, Lew. There is no omission here, and I'm sure if you choose to cover Giordano's work at a later date then it will be as well-researched, considered and fascinating as everything else I've read here.

Best always,

- Rik

sentinel4 said...

Come now Lew. Bullying? That's a bit strong. I mereley intended to remind you that as a comic historian is it your duty to cover the important events. No disrespect but the time you spent posting about yourself and easter eggs could have been put to more productive use by compiling a small tribute to the late Mr.Giordano. I await your post on the subject with much anticipation.

Lew Stringer said...

Thanks Rik.

Sentinel4: I don't have ANY "duty as a comic historian". I created this blog mainly to cover old British comics that are often neglected on the net, - not out of "duty" but because I wanted to. Remember this blog isn't my living so I post here when I have chance. It'd be nice if I could cover more subjects but I can only devote so much time to this blog.

Mike said...

Haha, Sentinel reminds me of one (of the many) commenters on a gay webcomic i used to read commanding the writer to feature lesbians as she had a "duty" to do so for "equality". People like that have a more important duty to SHUT UP or start thier own website if they want to see something online that much.
As for "xenophobia" Lew is one of the few British comic fans who DOES also like US comics. Somebody like me on the other hand finds them boring and would much rather read 5 columns of tiny, blurred text!

sentinel4 said...

I understand that but you could have spent the time you posted about Easter eggs (of all things!) on more worthwhile material.I mean no offense.I would just like to see your blog be as comprehensive as The Beat or Bleeding Cool.Presently it focus is far too narrow so if your time is limited spend it wisely?

Lew Stringer said...

Thanks for your comments sentinel4. Please bear in mind that this blog is mainly about British comics. I'm not trying to be another "Beat" or "Bleeding Cool", - both of which do their jobs with excellence.

I'm sorry you see that as "xenophobia". It's not. I have as many US comics in my collection as UK ones, and certainly spend more on American material than I do on British comics. Thing is, there are ALREADY many blogs and websites covering American comics but not so many covering UK ones, hence why I chose the latter.

Anonymous said...

Whats wrong with easter eggs!!! Its great to see what was going on 40+ years ago! Please don't let sentiel4's opinions stop you from blogging on the subjects you see fit. This is a great blog that seems to get by without suggestions. However I may be taking your suggestion on buying this issue

Rafiq Raja said...

Eventhough I shouldn't comment on comments addressed to each other, I loved your answer to sentinel4: "I don't have ANY "duty as a comic historian". I created this blog mainly to cover old British comics that are often neglected on the net, - not out of "duty" but because I wanted to. "

I can think of a handful of few, who indulge in this moral police work in our side of the world too. Time for them to stack up and mend their own life's, before bullying others for reasons they feel is important to them.

sentinel4 said...

Got you some mates to back you up now Lew? Where's this obituary to Dick Giordano you promised?Every other blog has done one.

Lew Stringer said...

I've decided not to run with it now "sentinel4". As you said, every other blog has done one and the moment has passed.

My blog is mainly about old British comics. It's not a news service like The Beat or CBR to cover every comic story. Rather than write a tribute to Dick Giordano that would a) be out of place here and b) not as thorough as it should be, I think it best if I let it pass. Thanks for bringing up the subject and making people aware though. Perhaps you could post some links in your next reply to some well researched tributes to Dick Giordano?

Incidentally, did you pester CBR, Bleeding Cool, or Newsarama to ask why they didn't post tributes to Bill Ritchie or Les Barton when they died? Not that they were required to, but I'm wondering why you think my site in particular should be the one to cover everything?

Lastly; I didn't "get my mates" to gang up on you. They're individuals (whom I've never met) who thought you were out of order. I'm sure it's an experience you're probably used to if you carry your web attitude into real life.

sentinel4 said...

Lew.Throwing your toys out of the pram isn't a good look.You promised you would write a tribute to Mr.Giordaino and now you're not going to honor your word???Thats despicible.

PS Your 'art work' is shit and your interview in Crikey was arrogant.I bet you won't publish that.

Lew Stringer said...

And by being a troll you've just lost any right to post here again s4.

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