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Wednesday, April 06, 2011

The return of Kid Cops!

This week's issue of The Dandy sees the return of my Kid Cops strip. This is their first appearance this year since their original eight issue run ended with the Christmas edition.

Also in this issue is your last chance to vote for your favourite new character in the Strictly Come Laughing contest. Which strip will win? We'll find out soon! Another new strip makes its debut this issue as cartoonist Stu Munro arrives with Justin Beaver!

This issue is the usual 32 pages for £1.50 but next week will see 12 extra pages plus a cover mounted Gnashing Teeth toy in a special 44 page bumper issue priced £2.50.


My apologies for the lack of any recent ventures into the archives. I've been ill with a chest infection/bronchitis for three weeks so rummaging through musty old comics is the last thing I need. Priority has to be given to catching up with work so normal service will resume as soon as possible. Cough. Wheeze. etc.


Peter Gray said...

Hope you get well soon Lew..
Nice one on the old Dandy annual cover of Korky riding in a large boot.. seen in Kid Cops

blaing1965 said...

Get well soon, mate.

Any news of Postman Prat returning?

Lew Stringer said...

Not yet. In a couple of months hopefully.

Manic Man said...

It'll be intresting to see what the figures are for how well the comic is doing since.. well, there seams to be a fair number of 'bumper' issues of the new dandy..

Lew Stringer said...

Four bumper issues in six months doesn't seem a lot. Certainly less than it used to have when it was Dandy Xtreme.

James Spiring said...

Kid Cops is in the Beano this week.

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