Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Deviant Dabbles

I've recently joined DeviantART, the online arts community. I'm not sure why I didn't join years ago really, as I've been amazed at the quality and variety of art displayed there. It's good to see a few of my comic mates there too and to see what they've been up to. It's like an online convention!

My page is still in development as DeviantART is still new to me so I'm finding my way around there when I have time. I've uploaded a few pages you may not have seen before, so visit my gallery and click on the images. (Then click on them again to view them larger.) I'll be posting more material there soon.

It's likely that from now on if I want to promote my own work I'll be using DeviantART instead of this blog. The original idea of Blimey! was to focus on British comics of the past but recently it's veered off course a bit with a focus on new comics. I have a couple of books kindly sent to me for review, and I'll be blogging about those soon, but after that Blimey! will have a little revamp and return to its original objective of concentrating on vintage British comics. (Although the plugs for a few current titles such as Commando and the upcoming Spirit if Hope book will continue.)

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