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Friday, July 22, 2011

Hairy Steve wants YOU!

Imagine two of the UK's top humour talents teaming up to bring you top class entertainment. No, not Lennie Bennett and Jerry Stevens. I'm talking about two of the top talents in comics - Jamie Smart and Steve Bright!

Yes, Jamie and Steve are teaming up, but unlike Spider-Man and whatever other superhero he chanced upon in Marvel Team-Up every month, these two won't be fighting on the rooftops of New York before combining their forces. Smart and Bright are teaming up to work on a brand new British comic, - Hairy Steve, with Jamie on script and Steve on artwork.

Jamie explained all on his blog:
"Some people reading this may remember Hairy Steve, a tooth-and-fur comic about blood, swearing and nazis that I was writing about five years ago with the superb artist Steve Bright illustrating. I wrote about it on my journal and we showed a lot of the development art. Well it kinda fell by the wayside, both me and Steve had to get on with rent-paying work and leave Hairy Steve as a whim, a nice idea we’d one day like to return to."

"This year, the idea of internet funding occurred. Comic artists asking for contributions to help them finish their comic, in return offering incentives to everyone who contributes, seems to me like a really organic way of producing art (and, more than that, free art). Being someone who puts most of his work online for free (and by god there’s a lot of it on here now), I find this idea intriguing and want to see if it works."

"So far it has, in the first half an hour we had a flurry of very generous contributions. All the money earned will go towards printing a limited-run of this comic (only available to contributors), the rest going to pay Steve a wage. I take no profits. In return for contributing, you can get everything from signed comics to original sketches, even a zombie drawing of yourself."

"And even if you can’t contribute, we would appreciate any help in promoting this. Share it around, spread the word! Because when we hit a quarter of our total, Hairy Steve will come online as a webcomic. So you get to read it anyway! EVERYONE WINS!"

Sounds fantastic! This is a comic that just has to be published. If you want to be part of this venture to make Hairy Steve a reality go to this website to find out how:


Brighty said...

Lew. many thanks for the excellent plug and generous words therein. The cheque is in the post!

Much appreciated!

Lew Stringer said...

You're welcome Steve.

(And I expect at least one of my "internet stalkers" to believe you're bribing me now. :-))

Brighty said...

You have Internet stalkers, Lew? How cool is that?!! I only get email from Viagra salesmen. No idea who gave them my email address.

Lew Stringer said...

I was only joshing Steve. It's just a couple of people who have misconstrued my comments in the past and create straw man arguments. They might need some viagra for their impotent opinions though. :-) (Woo. That'll annoy 'em. Lol!)

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