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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Drawing for the funnies

This week's Dandy (issue 3552, out now until Wednesday) features a Postman Prat story which I scripted as well as illustrated. Usually writers such as David Mason supply the scripts for this strip and they're always a pleasure to draw. On this occasion I was asked to write it, so I enjoyed turning in a bit of comedy cause-and-effect, and a closing pun, in the style of the Tom Thug strips I did for Buster. I've also written the one for issue 3554.

I'm also back drawing Super School for The Beano (or BeanoMAX. Not sure where it'll appear yet.) Only a couple of episodes of this second series drawn so far so I don't know yet when it'll be scheduled to start. Watch this space!

And I can't go without mentioning Toxic of course. I've recently completed another Team Toxic strip plus a few extra bits and bobs for the magazine such as double page spreads for features, games etc. All good fun.


Unknown said...

Nice one. We need more physical humour in comics! I enjoyed Mr Meecher as well, beautifully observed and expressive characters.

Harry Rickard said...

Good Postman Prat this week, nice storyline and good punchline.

Loved your title picture, Postman Prat reading the Dandy, the old (and better Dandy title) and Dan on the front. Much better than a different celebrity every week.

Any idea if Kid Cops will return, also how long is Prat's second run? :)

Lew Stringer said...

I don't know what the situation is regarding Kid Cops Harry, or the length of this series of Prat. Hopefully Kid Cops will return at some stage, or I might even suggest a new strip if I think of one. :)

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