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Tuesday, November 08, 2011

The Goodies in Cor!!

As most of you know it's been a long standing tradition for British comics to sometimes feature strips based on celebrities of the day. One such example was in 1973 when Cor!! started running a humour strip based on TV stars The Goodies. The artwork was by Joe Colquhoun, most famous for being the first artist of Roy of the Rovers in the 1950s and for his remarkable work on Charley's War in the 1980s.

Here he displays his ability to turn his style to humour. It's a million miles away from the grim trench warfare of Charley's War but Joe's excellent brushwork still shines.

Interestingly, Cor's cover illustration of The Goodies was later re-used and re-coloured for The Goodies Fun Book in 1977 which reprinted the strips from Cor!! (See here for more info.)


Graham Exton said...

I'm glad I didn't have to draw this. Bikes are bad enough, but trandems!

Anonymous said...

Given the Goodies still have a fanbase willing to spend money on them, I think there could be a viable opportunity here to collect and reprint the strips.

Further, in my imagination I can picture the book as one you flip over so that the back cover is another front cover, this part collecting all the Tony Hancock cartoon strips. That way you'd have a reasonable sized book with appeal to two sets of existing fanbases, in addition to those of us who like vintage comics!

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