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Thursday, January 23, 2014

A Knock-Out cover! (1940)

The schedule of a freelance cartoonist can often either be barren or blisteringly busy, and I'm glad to say it's the latter this month. Things could swing the other way at a moment's notice of course but at present I don't have time to post any detailed articles on this blog. Instead, here's a quick look at the cover of a wartime issue of Knock-Out from my archives. Issue No.88, dated November 2nd, 1940. World War 2 was well under way, but comics like these brightened up the lives of children across the UK. 

Knock-Out was published by The Amalgamated Press as a rival to Thomson's Dandy and Beano. The artwork to this Deed-A-Day Danny strip is by Hugh McNeill, and you can read a lot more about this talented artist over at Steve Holland's blog here:

Right, back to the drawing board to draw strips of my own that perhaps someone else will be blogging about in 70 years time! 


Anonymous said...

Let's hope that in 70 years time comics won't be just an ancient curiosity like wind-up gramaphones and penny farthings!

Lew Stringer said...

I'm sure comics will survive in some form, just as music has. Even if they're downloaded straight into our brains, where we can read them in a virtual world of lucid dreams.

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