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Monday, July 13, 2015

Titan's latest DC Comics

There's a long tradition dating back to the 1950s of British reprints of DC Comics and here's a quick preview of the covers to the latest Titan comics that reprint DC strips for UK readers. Two of these issues are already in the shops (Batman No.40 and Batman/Superman No.10) with Batman Arkham No.21 on sale this week (16th July) and DC Universe Presents/Justice League Trinity No.9 on sale 23rd July. 

The comics are full colour throughout and contain 76 to 100 pages an issue. You'll find them in branches of WH Smith, comic shops, and selected newsagents. Alternatively, if you subscribe there's a free Top Trumps DC Universe pack with every subscription. See the Titan Magazines website for full details: 


Unknown said...

I'd been reading the American Batman title until last year and my extended stay in hospital. I've just started picking up Titan's UK reprints as a cost-effective way of catching up, and out of nostalgia for when I used to but the LEM reprints in the 80s.

Lew Stringer said...

Yes, they're great value, as are the Panini comics. Wishing you continued improving health, Paul. Thanks for commenting.

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