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Monday, November 16, 2015

Storytime Christmas Issue

Cover art: Lorena Alvarez.
It'll be a week or two before the first Christmas comics start appearing but one publication is already full of seasonal cheer. The 15th issue of Storytime, the monthly prose story magazine, is the festive edition and is on sale now.

I reviewed the first issue last year (see here) and although I haven't seen many issues since I'm pleased that it's kept on schedule and is still around. To reiterate what I said last time, Storytime is a quality production; 52 full colour pages on high quality matt stock featuring illustrated text stories for young children. 
Art: Audrey Molinatti.

This issue offers six seasonal stories such as The Queen of Winter, The Little Fir Tree, and The Snow Child, plus an illustrated version of The Twelve Days of Christmas, four activity pages, and a page promoting children's Christmas books. The entire magazine is superbly illustrated and designed and evokes the timelessness of Christmas joy. If you have young children, or you just enjoy well illustrated magazines, this is ideal. 
Art: Teresa Martinez.

To find out more about the magazine, visit the Storytime website here:       


Peter Gray said...

Its nice to see a children's magazine with thing to read and pictures to see..
the Mr Men mag is also a good product if you ever get to look at one...that also has some stories..

PhilEdBoyce said...

This reminds me of the Christmas editions of the classic Story Teller partwork I used to collect back in primary school that came with cassettes. The illustrations were always amazing, but the Christmas specials were just magical! Really felt like special magazines and it's wonderful to see something similar for today's children.

Lew Stringer said...

I remember seeing those, Phil. I never bought them as I was way over the target audience range then. Good to know you enjoyed them.

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