Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Psst! Something's happening!

This week's BEANO. Cover art by Nigel Parkinson.
The Beano is in the news today as it's been revealed that there are plans to expand the brand online, as well as revamp the print comic. That's all I know so far. You can read the news item at The Courier website:


James Spiring said...

They're also making a new Dennis cartoon. As for the comic, they'd better not retread Dandy Xtreme. I've always thought that killed the title and the excellent 2010 revamp that followed was simply too little too late to save it.

Lew Stringer said...

Agreed. I've no idea whsts happening with any redesign but we'll find out over the coming weeks.

Andrew Worrall said...

I hope the current games and features (such as The Menace Gallery) stay on the website - a whole new website is not necessary, just one year after the "new" website launch. If they want to introduce whatever this is, surely a new section to the website would be better? And I don't think this change should be implemented also to the comic, just advertise the new website/section in the comic.

As for the new TV series, I hope it's like the 2013 one which was the best in my opinion, but only time will tell. I have noticed it has been given the word "Unleashed" at the end - what could that possibly mean?

James Spiring said...

Andrew, Unleashed is probably just a disambiguator, lets people know it's not just another season of the previous show.

The thing has happened before. Every time is revamped, all previous content is removed. I think they should've kept and expanded the Retro Beano section from the previous site, which had details about characters past and present.

Andrew Worrall said...


I agree with you on the TV series "Unleashed" phrase.

I've emailed The Beano (Editor) and they've assured me the new website will be much better than the current one, so let's hope it is. The editor obviously could not go into detail about the new website.

However, I still think that just one year later from a revamp is still too early. Whilst we're on the subject of websites, I'm beginning to wonder what happened to We Hate Boredom - I've asked about that through another email.

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