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Friday, March 22, 2019


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Well done Rebellion in bringing back another classic title with a modern-day makeover. Diamond distributor's Previews website has revealed the cover and solicitation details of the new Tammy and Jinty Special that will be in newsagents and comic shops on 26th June!

The superb artwork is by Mike Collins, a long-experienced professional who has worked in comics for 35 years and these days is the storyboard artist on Doctor Who

Now, bear in mind that it's likely that this might not be the final cover. The illustration is final, but the logo placement might not be, and for all we know there could be added captions... or not. (There'll certainly be a barcode and Rebellion's company logo added later.) I'll post the finished cover when Rebellion send me the PR in the summer. I'm only posting this because it's already being shared on social media so I thought readers of this blog might want to see it too. 

Anyway, following on from The Cor!! Buster Humour Special (on sale 17th April), the Tammy and Jinty Special will be in WH Smith and comic shops on 26th June, with an impressive line-up of creators. Here's the solicitation info...

(W) Rob Williams, Emma Beeby, Grainne Mcentree (A) Rachael Stott, Various (CA) Mike Collins

Tammy and Jinty were two of Britain's best-loved girls' comics in the 1970s and '80s - ground-breaking female-led comics that covered everything from science fiction and fantasy to romance and domestic drama. This June, these classic titles return in the 48-page Tammy and Jinty Special, retooled for the 21st Century! 

A host of the finest modern creators pay tribute to this legacy of trail-blazing comics while introducing a new audience to the medium! None other than Rob Williams (Roy of the Rovers), Rachel Stott (Doctor Who), Rachael Smith, V V Glass (Assassin's Creed), Emma Beeby (Mata Hari) and many more present daring girl-led tales of roller derby, archaeology, codebreaking, ballet, space adventure and more!  

In Shops: Jun 26, 2019 

If you buy your comics from your local comic shop, now is the time to tell them to reserve you a copy as they'll be putting their orders in for June-released comics soon! Order ref: APR191915

The Tammy and Jinty Special is also part of the discounted pack of 2019 Rebellion Specials you can pre-order here:

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Robert Carnegie said...

The cover picture rings a bell!

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