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Tuesday, September 10, 2019

TECHNOFREAK No.2 is out now!

It's actually been out for a few months now but I'm still catching up with stuff so here at last is a quick plug for Technofreak No.2. A new professional independent British comic published by Sunday Lunch Comics. 

You may have seen the ad for it in 2000AD recently and if you enjoy that comic you should get a kick out of Technofreak. Sci-fi detective adventure with a good helping of humour, created by John Charles, Barry May, and Tom Newell (with expert lettering by Nikki Foxrobot). 

I was commissioned to do a humour strip for this issue so I combined the traditional UK comics look with a sci-fi slant to come up with The Catnip, the weekly comic you've never heard of ('cos it's from a from a thousand years in the future). It appears on the back page of this issue, featuring the Technofreak co-star Maurice the Cat

Technofreak is an enjoyable comic and I wish it well for the future. You'll find it in comic speciality shops or you can order it directly from the publisher at their website at this link:

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