Saturday, January 27, 2007

Annuals of the Fifties

There were at least 35 annuals published for the Christmas market in the UK in 2006. Most were tie-ins to tv series, toys, and other merchandise. However, British comics' association with other media is not exclusive to the present day. Comics have been reflecting the popularity of other media stars for a long time, as demonstrated by most of these 1950s annual covers. Of this small selection, only Knockout Annual seems to be exempt of an influence by other media. Not so, for its contents include Billy Bunter and Sexton Blake, two characters which originated in text fiction and which later became tv and radio shows.

Enough blogging from me for today. Just relax and absorb the quality of the artwork of these covers. (Click on each one to see it full size.) From Denis McCloughlin's Buffalo Bill Annual cover to the carefree and optimistic Knockout Annual cover, each one shows top quality British comics art at its finest.

More on 1950s annuals in the next blog.

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