Monday, January 08, 2007

Journal of Crime

The latest issue of The Comics Journal (No.280) arrived in the post today. (It began as the fanzine The Nostalgia Journal many years ago and is now a slick 200 page square bound mag.) The standout features of this issue include an interview with Frank Thorne (an often overlooked artist with a distinct flowing style) and a great article on Crime Does Not Pay, the influential and sometimes notorious crime comic of the 1940's. Not only does Ron Goulart give a good account of the history of the comic, there's also 40 pages of full colour reprint to showcase some of the strips in their entirety. A must have mag for any fan of pre-code comics! More details at the Journal's website

1 comment:

f├║star said...

Fantastic. I must away and get myself a copy. I'm not as familar with Crime Does Not Pay as I am with other pre-code comics (like E.C.) so I look forward to seeing what I've been missing.

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