Sunday, January 07, 2007

More old fanzines!

More fanzine covers from the mists of time.

Bem No.28 (May 1980): An exciting thing about fanzines was watching them develop and improve. By 1980 Bem had increased in size and in page length, added spot colour to the covers, and tidied up its layout. Covers by professionals became more regular too, such as this fantastic piece by Brian Bolland depicting a domesticated Batman.

Fantasy Advertiser International No.61 (April 1977): Published by Colin Campbell, who had taken over the 'zine from Dez Skinn. Quite a lot of advertising in this (hence the title) but also a lot of text in a very small typeface crammed into the pages to make it good value for the (then) relatively expensive price of 35p! Cover art by Trevor Goring, now a storyboard artist on numerous Hollywood movies.

Graphic Sense No.2 (August 1978): Published by Gez Kelly, who now runs comic marts around the UK. A nice mixture of opinion and comment in this 20 page 'zine. Investing in a full colour cover was a rare move for fanzines of the time, and the registration's a bit off in places, but it made this Alan Hunter cover stand out at marts and conventions and impressed a lot of us back then.

Metamorph No.1 (Spring 1981): One of my self-published efforts. Various short articles, fan art, and the second Brickman strip (continuing from my previously cancelled fanzine After Image). I was honoured to have definitive Judge Dredd artist Mike McMahon draw a cover for the issue.

Unicorn No.5 (1972): Published by Mike Higgs and Phil Clarke. Mostly strips, the contents included Alon Alone by Alan Hunter, reprints of Captain Marvel and a Wally Wood strip, and fan art by Kevin O'Neill! Nice contemporary pop-art wraparound cover by ex-Cloak artist Mike Higgs, who later went on to draw Baz & Co for the Daily Mirror and edit and design the Dan Dare hardbacks for Hawk Books.

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