Friday, January 26, 2007

Dreamwatch Evolves

Not exactly a comics item, but of interest to the comics/cult tv multimedia fans, the film & tv magazine Dreamwatch ends with the current issue, No.150 (actually No.280 including its previous incarnations). The full colour glossy mag began as the black and white fanzine DWB (the unofficial Doctor Who Bulletin) back in 1983 so its journey from subscription-only amateur mag to 84 page high-profile, High Street monthly has been a long and eventful one.

Titan Magazines acquired Dreamwatch a few years ago and immediately tinkered with the title to change it to DW, no doubt to rival SFX. The change lasted just two issues, perhaps due to the fact that "DW" was more of a mouthful than "Dreamwatch"!

Now Dreamwatch has evolved again. It'll no longer be published as a magazine but instead has become the website Dreamwatch presents Total Sci Fi with the latter part of that title dominant to obviously compensate for what an inappropriate name "Dreamwatch" has been for a tv sf mag. (Better hold onto the rights though Titan, just in case New Labour's Thought Police want to use it. ;-))

Ending today's blog on some comics news, it's been confirmed that Titan's new Superman monthly will be titled Superman Legends. It'll reprint the Grant Morrison/ Frank Quietly All Star Superman series, the Brian Azzarello/ Jim Lee For Tomorrow 12 parter, and another strip in a 76 page package for £2.60. Due March 2007.

Tomorrow on this blog: Enough of the present. Let's go back a few decades...

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