Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Best of Battle is coming!

As you may know, Titan Books recently acquired the rights to reprint more Egmont comic material. The Best of Roy of the Rovers: The 1980s is already out, and there are some exciting books to come.

The Best of Battle is scheduled for October 2008: "Over 300 pages of relentless action are collected here, from the desperate dogfights of Johnny Red to the down-and-dirty Rat Pack, the reflective, critically acclaimed Charley's War and the uncompromising Hellman of Hammer Force! Created and drawn by some of the biggest names in British comics, including Pat Mills and John Wagner (co-creators of
2000AD), Joe Colquhoun ("Charley's War", "Johnny Red") and more, this is the ultimate gift for fans of blazing battle action!"

Information taken from Steve Holland's excellent blog, which is always worth checking out regularly. Steve knows his stuff, and researches his comic history very diligently. Bookmark his blog now if you haven't already: http://bearalley.blogspot.com/


Michael Martin said...

Could have gave it a new cover! that's taken almost directly from one of the annuals (1979 i beleive, but my collection is in disarray), including the slogan!

Lew Stringer said...

It's possible that may only be the dummy cover.

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