Monday, July 21, 2008

The Four Doctors

The new issue of Doctor Who Magazine, out this Thursday (24th July), gives the reader a choice of four covers. Together, the combined covers make up The Doctor's "army" of companions as seen in the final episode of series 4.

This is the first time DWM has used this gimmick, although it did offer two alternative covers on one issue a year or two ago. The Radio Times has also used alternate covers in recent years. Such stunts were / are used in American comics at times, and the idea is that hard core fans will buy one of each. This led to some bad feeling amongst comics fandom, so it'll be interesting to see if online Who fandom reacts the same way. (Hang on, this is online Doctor Who fandom we're talking about. Of course they'll go ballistic. They love a good moan. ;-))

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