Thursday, July 31, 2008

Space Raoul Flies Solo

Jamie Smart's modern and funny Space Raoul strip appears in its own comic this October. The red lumpy space adventurer has previously appeared in The Funday Times (the Sunday Times comics section) and The Dandy. As Jamie owns the rights to his character the strip now ascends to his own 64 page colour and black and white book with Space Raoul launched as a graphic novel in the USA by SLG Publishing. The same company has published Jamie's Bear comics.

Priced at $8.95 the book will also be available in the UK on import from specialist comic book stores (not newsagents), - so place your order now at a store such as Forbidden Planet, Nostaligia & Comics, Gosh!, Page 45, etc. Remember, comic shops have to order their stock a few months in advance, and they give preference to superhero comics, so if you don't order Space Raoul now there's no guarantee the shop will have it in stock in October.

Visit Jamie's website here:

SLG Publishing's website:

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