Thursday, September 30, 2010

Four more Commando comics out today

Here's the second batch of Commando comics for September. All four issues are in the shops now, but if you have any difficulty finding them you can subscribe at:

Now here's the info on this week's incoming comics from editor Calum Laird...

Commando No 4331: Smash All Stukas!

Young Barney Gibson wanted to do his bit in World War II, joining the army as a gunner.
An orphan, Barney had always been a bit of a loner as a lad. Now, for the first time, he felt a sense of belonging — his new mates were the closest thing he had ever had to a family.
Then one sudden, vicious attack by German Junkers Ju87 dive-bombers — the dreaded Stukas — took all that away. Barney would never be the same again…

Story: Ferg Handley

Art: Vila

Cover: Ian Kennedy

Commando No 4332: Climb For Your Life!

Mountain climbers are a hardy bunch. They have to be for the mountains can be as vicious an unforgiving an enemy as any human foe. Knowing that, they will help fellow climbers even at the risk of their own lives.
Tough as nails mountaineer Hans Kopfler was one such. A member of Germany’s elite Gebirgsjager he had total loyalty to those he served with. Unfortunately that loyalty would not always be shown in the other direction.

Story: Mac Macdonald

Art: Morahin

Cover: Janek Matysiak


“Double-crossed!”…those chilling words seared in to the brain of Dave Gregory, a captain in the Special Boat Service, when a searchlight on a Russian minesweeper picked him out of the inky Baltic night.
For now he might be helpless, his Browning automatic no match for the Russian fire-power, but heaven help the man who had betrayed him when Dave decided it was time to even the scores…

Story: Mike Knowles

Art: Denis McLoughlin

Cover: Ian Kennedy

Originally No 2710 from 1993

Commando No 4334: RENEGADE ARMY

Deserters, bandits, common thieves — they had all banded together under a powerful leader to wage their own war on all-comers — for profit. Now war correspondent Matt Jarvis, never one to dodge a dangerous assignment, had fallen into their hands.
Just surviving was about to become more important than writing any story!

Story: Cyril Walker

Art: Janek Matysiak

Cover: Janek Matysiak

Originally No 2710 from 1993

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