Friday, September 17, 2010

The latest Commando editions

Four more issues of Britain's longest running adventure comic (49 years and counting) have arrived in newsagents. Here's the info kindly supplied by editor Calum Laird:

The first three books complete our series of six books saluting the heroes of the Battle Of Britain, called Aces High. We’ve dug back into the archives to give some of the older books an airing. Very few Commando readers will have seen these, I hope, and will appreciate them.
Inside the front covers of them all will be individual aircraft illustrations by Ian Kennedy.

Commando 4327: BLACK ACE

A survivor…alone on a cold, dark sea…this was the best that any RAF pilot could hope for if he ran up against Von Stein of the Luftwaffe. The German flew a jet-black Focke-Wulf 190, and his emblem was the ace of spades, the card of death.
They called young Jack Collins a coward until the day he and his Hurricane took off to meet the Black Ace in mortal combat…

Story: Alan Parlett

Art: Medrano

Cover: Ken Barr

Originally No 124 from 1964

Commando No 4328: LONE ACE

“Stand by for a crash — young Danny Price has just taken off!” What a reputation for a young pilot to get. Too bad that every word of it was true.
From recklessness and bad judgement, or maybe just through bad luck, Dan finished up pranging every aircraft he ever flew. Spitfires, Hurricanes, Grumman Wildcats – they were all the same to Dan. In the sea, in the fields, on the decks of carriers he dumped them with amazing regularity, totally beyond repair.
Not until he crashed one with cold courage right on to an attacking U-Boat did anyone start believing in Dan — even Dan himself!

Story: David Bingley

Art: Gordon Livingstone

Cover: Buccheri

Originally No 275 from 1967

Commando No 4329: Divided Aces

Squadron Leader Jack Pearson was beginning to wonder if his first command might be his last. English-born Jack was determined to make the most of his posting to a base outside Edinburgh — even if the locals were less than friendly about his, and his fellow countrymen’s, presence.
As if that wasn’t enough, added to the mix were some veteran Polish fliers who didn’t like the way their new skipper was running things… Jack would have his work cut out for him if he was going to unite these

Story: Ferg Handley

Art: José Maria Jorge

Cover: José Maria Jorge

Commando No 4330: SNIPER HUNT

Lance-Corporal Matt Horne always wanted to be a sniper. So when the chance came to join an established sniper team as a flanker — to watch the backs of the sniper and his spotter — Matt grabbed it.
However, with a mysterious rival marksman causing carefully-calculated mayhem, Matt soon found out that sniping was a bitter, deadly game — one where there were no rules and the hunter very easily became the hunted…

Story: Alan Hebden

Art: Morahin

Cover: Keith Page

And if you like these stories, remember that Carlton’s latest jumbo Commando collection is 10 stories from the Battle Of Britain…it’s called Scramble! ISBN 978-1-84732-421-4

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