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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Nigel Parkinson enters the Blogosphere

One of the UK's top humour artists, Nigel Parkinson, has decided to put his thoughts to screen and has just launched his own blog. Although it's only been online a few days Nigel Parkinson Cartoons is already proving to be an interesting variety of postings.

Covering unseen art, Nigel's favourite strips, and personal anecdotes, it looks like Nigel's blog is going to be a friendly place to visit.

Anyone who has grown up with British comics over the past 30 years will be familiar with Nigel's work from The Beano, The Dandy, Ace Ventura Adventures, Scouse Mouse Comic, Thunderbirds, and many more. Nigel's produced a lot of material over the years, and is still busy today, so no doubt his blog will be providing some great insights into his career and future projects.

Check it out today:

Above: Hunt Emerson, Nigel Parkinson and myself earlier this year after a slap-up feed. Photograph by Laura Howell.


Peter Gray said...

This looks really good..always wondered what the H.H stood for..see his blog post..

I've added it to my blog list at my blog when a new post is added..

Now to read the Tellygoons..
and love seeing Cuddles and Dimples outtake for us fans to enjoy..:))

Don Hudson said...

Lew Stringer! My friend Rich Starkings printed your Brickman strip that I really enjoyed. I glad to have found your blog!

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