Thursday, January 06, 2011

Commando comic begins its 50th Anniversary

The 50th anniversary celebrations of D.C. Thomson's Commando comic begin this week with the first batch of issues for 2011. Having been in continuous publication since 1961, four issues of Commando are released every two weeks. I'll update this post once the usual press release from D.C. Thomson arrives but here's a preview of the latest editions which are in newsagents now:

Commando No.4355 - Raiders: Operation Hammer
The return of Ramsey's Raiders in an all-new story.
Story: Ferg Handley Art: Keith Page Cover: Ian Kennedy

Commando No.4356 - First to Fight
Brand new action with the US Marines.
Story: Ferg Handley Art: Olivera Cover: Janek Matysiak

Commando No.4357 - The Desperate Days
The first of the special anniversary issues which will reprint the first 12 issues from 50 years ago! Set in 1940, featuring members of the British Expeditionary Force fighting their way to Dunkirk. (Reprints Commando No.12 from 1961.)
Story: Elliot Art: Gordon Livingstone Cover: Ken Barr
Introduction by Commando Editor Calum Laird

Commando No.4358 - The Secret War
A classic story from the archives featuring Captain Tom Lawson seeking a traitor in the ranks. (Reprints No.1344 from 1979.)
Story: R.A. Montague Art: Peter Fleming Cover: Graeme Miller
Introduction by Deputy Editor Scott Montgomery

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1 comment:

Tony Howson said...

Good to see someone marking the 50th Anniversary. I'm not a regular reader of Commando but I picked up the "Desperate Days" issue this afternoon on the strength of your piece about the anniversary reprints. Thanks for recommending it.

I actually had a copy of #6 when I was a kid. Memory fails me but I think it was a jungle story with a title like 'red river' or 'river of death'. Guess I'll find out sometime this year.

Didn't the schedule used to be three issues every two weeks for most of the 60's and 70's ? That would explain why they haven't hit #5000 yet despite the 50 year history.

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