Thursday, January 27, 2011

Drac's Back!

FRANKENDRAC that is! The fanged felon returns to bother Team Toxic in the latest issue of Toxic, on sale now.

As you can see, the 32 page issue is bagged (as are most comics these days) and contains two free gifts; a pack of Frikis to play with, and a 64 page joke book. There's also a bonus item of a 40 page booklet featuring the opening chapter of Mortlock, a new children's book written by Jon Mayhew for Bloomsbury.

Back to Toxic itself, and as well as Team Toxic this issue features another two page Zoikz strip, various features and puzzles, and a two page Escape from School maze which I designed and illustrated. Here's a peek. Buy the comic for the full spread. I was up 'til four in the morning a few weeks ago drawing this:

I know a lot of older comic collectors despair that magazines such as Toxic have replaced comics such as Victor and Cor!! and I can appreciate that, but British children's comics have always adapted to suit the society they exist in. Launched in September 2002 Toxic has now been running for over eight years. Quite an achievement for any publication in the 21st Century.

Toxic No.178 • £2.75 • Available from WH Smith, Asda, Tesco, and many other retail chains and newsagents.


Harry Rickard said...

Hi Lew, really was annoyed with this issue, I thought I might as well buy it, the more comics the better... But I really was disappointed of it's content, the thing that really annoyed was the fact that on the back of the packaging it clearly says, 'Get all this Inside', on here it shows Team Toxic (which was in there with once again another great story with impressive artwork), Robin Hoodie (wasn't in there despite it saying it was), Pig Brother (Once again wasn't in there) and strangely Butt Face and no Zoikz... However inside was only Team Toxic and Zoikz... Still, I loved the maze, the artwork was fantastic and the hidden Tom Thug joke was great! :D
P.S. I've emailed you some of my artwork, if you haven't eyt, could you please have a look? Thanks :)

Lew Stringer said...

The plastic bag is printed before the comic so unfortunately mistakes like that can happen if the content changes for any reason. Glad you liked my stuff anyway. Thanks for buying the mag!

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