Monday, January 24, 2011

Preview: This week's Dandy

Here's a sneak peek at the cover of this week's issue of The Dandy, on sale from Wednesday 26th January. Under a new cover by Nigel Parkinson there's the usual mixture of strips including Bork, Desperate Dan, Pre-Skool Prime Minister, and more.

A brand new strip debuts this week: Graeme Reaper, and there's the second episode of Stan Helsing by Nik Holmes. A reader's page also makes its return, under the new name Mailbag.

With a script by Philip Madden and artwork by me, Postman Prat has fun teasing dogs with a dog whistle. Will it rebound on him with well-deserved hilarious consequences? This is The Dandy. Of course it will!

The Dandy No.3519 32 full colour pages £1.50 On sale Wednesday.


Harry Rickard said...

Looks to be a promising issue Lew! Can't wait to read more of Postman Prat, a great character and a definite keeper!
Sadly this issue is the last we'll see for now of George VS Dragon, hopefully this, Kid Cops and Robot on the Run will all make a return after the voting poll in February.
A lot of problems with the previous issue, Nigel Parkinson said this week's issue was last week's, the Dandy got Desperate Dan stories mixed up but by the look of it everything is fine now, great front cover, not to messy with clear drawings. Can't wait to buy this issue!

NP said...

When and where did I say this week's issue was last weeks?

Harry Rickard said...

Sorry Nigel, I said that wrong! Oops, must've been thinking of something completely different, sorry... :)
It's probably cos you sent a blog post about this week's issue on a Sunday so I must've got confused... Oops... I apologise... :)

Gary Dobbs/Jack Martin said...

I've not bough the Dandy in years, though I never miss the annuals. Might pick up an issue this week.

Mike said...

There's also a strip by a member of the Cambridge-based manga-making group Sweatdrop Studios in this issue!

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